Maybe you’re here because Covid threw a wrench in your original plans of a traditional wedding and now you’re left to plan a wedding under strict guidelines. Or maybe you just desire an intimate wedding because you value this type of experience. Whichever boat you’re in, I am here to help you make sure it’s perfect!

Just because you opt-out for big fancy venues, 100+ guests, and thousands of dollars in florals, doesn’t mean you have to opt-out for beautiful portraits. I believe that no matter what type of wedding day you have, your pictures are the most important piece of your day. 

The Intimate Experience

After 20 years in the industry, I take pride in achieving the same timeless, beautiful photographs in almost any location or situation. Rest assured, your portraits will be just as amazing as you’ve imagined!

Once we’ve reserved your wedding date, I will set up a phone/facetime chat where we can dig into the vision you have for your day. I will provide timing recommendations, and answer any questions you have. I also include a timeline with every package; this helps out a lot since intimate weddings usually do not have a coordinator!

A huge benefit to intimate weddings is the intimate portrait time we get to have together. This leaves the door wide open to explore certain locations you may want or explore new elegant poses that you may not typically have time for on a traditional wedding day.

I absolutely love taking pictures but I also feel that you deserve to enjoy your day and not smile in a front of a camera all day! I focus on photographing three key elements of your wedding day. Your getting ready time, ceremony, and one hour after the ceremony for family shots and of course, the couple shots!

After your wedding is over, you can look forward to seeing a sneak peek of about 9-12 images the very next day! These will be posted on my social media channels and will be available for you to share with your friends and family.

You can expect your entire beautiful gallery delivered to your email inbox within 4 weeks of your special day. You will be able to print, share, and download an unlimited number of times. I can’t wait for you to be my next amazing couple!




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Frequently Asked

What would be considered an intimate wedding?

Any wedding with very few attendees, typically with fewer than 50 guests.

What if we have more than 50 guests but would still like only a few hours of coverage?

You can book any intimate wedding package if your wedding will have fewer than 100 guests. Just know that these packages are geared toward most specifically the bride and groom, and the details surrounding them. Therefore, there will be very few “party pic” like images of the guests. If you would prefer a broader array of coverage, you are more than welcome to purchase from the normal wedding price list.

Can these packages be used for a destination wedding?

Yes! They are actually perfect for a destination wedding! Do remember that travel fees will apply.

What will the travel fees be if the package is used for a destination wedding?

Travel outside of 50 miles of Oklahoma City is subject to a mileage fee (usually around .58/mile) For weddings outside of Oklahoma, Lodging, transportation, and airfare will be required. There is no estimate, as this will vary depending on the location.

How many photos will we receive?

Typically, I average around 100 images per hour. 

Can we order prints or products from you?

Yes! I offer a very large variety of products. With all of theses packages, you do receive a print release as well. So you are also able to print from anywhere you would like!


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