I’m Kriea

A Photographer in Oklahoma who loves to Travel worldwide


This is where I am supposed to talk about myself, brag about my accomplishments and make you love me so much that you want to hire me…Ugggg…I am going to tell you now, I am terrible at doing things like this. But, I am going to do my best to show you who I am, and hopefully you enjoy it, are uber impressed, and really cant wait to work with me…

How I became a photographer

When I was about nine years old, my mom gave me a purple 110 camera she had purchased from Avon, and a thought it was the most amazing thing. I set up photo shoots with my sisters, stuffed animals, really anything or anyone that would sit still long enough. My godfather was a photographer as well and when I was 12, he took me on a trip to the zoo for my birthday and showed me how to use an SLR for the first time and I loved it. He promised he would teach me more, but sadly he passed away a few months later. When I was 20, my aunt gave me my godfather’s camera, and I began to practice with it and learned how to use it. I signed up for a few classes at a local tech school and became obsessed. I then went on to study at an actual photography school. In 2003 I photographed my first wedding while still attending school…My photography business was born and it has grown exponentially since then.

Here is the bragging part

Since 2003, I’ve photographed over 350 weddings in 32 states and a handful of countries; worked for a magazine for five years; been published in several magazines and online outlets; taught at the same school I graduated from; mentored multiple up and coming photographers; served as president of a few local photography clubs; worked in a photography store for a bit, and I’ve spoken at, and attended countless photography conferences. I love photography—it’s my life.

Now for some random, non-photography facts about me

I grew up in New York, but Oklahoma is the place I call home. I am a mom of three amazing kiddos. I love nature, gardening, hiking, anything outside really. I love to travel and am in awe of the beauty that is this world. I would probably pay someone to let me do a shoot in New Orleans—it’s my favorite place in all the land. I love art in all its forms. I’ve never met a book I didn’t like. I love antiques, love the story behind anything…people, places, things… it’s all interesting to me. I love the beach and the mountains. I love animals…I’ve been known to cry when I see dolphins in real life. I’m slightly obsessed with herbal tea. If you need to get rid of some chocolate and peanut butter, I’m your girl. I am a collector of all things. I talk way too much, but I am still a great listener. I think I might be the luckiest person on this planet because I am able to experience all of this while doing what I love most.


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